In response to ZIP codes 55411 and 55412 in North Minneapolis, which share some of the most racially alarming disparities in the nation, Pillsbury United Communities and North Memorial Health are revolutionizing what it means for a community-based organization and an accountable care organization to partner in addressing social determinants of health.

With a life expectancy of eight years less than other parts of the city, residents of North Minneapolis are facing a public health crisis too serious to ignore. In this spark presentation, learn how Pillsbury United Communities and North Memorial Health are activating a community needs assessment and addressing prevalent themes of community violence, food access, mental health, and jobs.

Today, Pillsbury United Communities is deepening its relationship through the development North Market, a grocery store and wellness center that converges economic development, food, and health care access. North Market will include an Emergency Room Violence Prevention program aimed at providing interventions once an individual comes in related to trauma and a workforce development strategy to increase diversity in North Memorial’s Emergency Medical Technician program.

Learn how Pillsbury United Communities and North Memorial Health, with different organizational cultures and approaches to community work, are coming together to advance the spirit of a community.

Learning Objectives

  • Approaching your hospital system for partnership
  • Working through the differences: organizational cultures, orientation to community, open and honest dialogue
  • Maximizing the relationship: going deeper in the partnership to address physical and social determinants

Presenters: Jennifer Close, president & chief ambulatory officer, North Memorial Health; Adair Mosley, interim CEO, Pillsbury United Communities; and Jeff Wicklander, president, North Memorial Health Hospital

Adair Mosley
Interim CEO
Pillsbury United Communities

Adair Mosley recently was named interim CEO and serves as the chief innovation officer for Pillsbury United Communities. Mosley leads strategic and divergent thinking in the pursuit of innovative solutions to address multi-dimensional social issues.

His most recent work is leading a $6.3 million capital campaign for the development of a grocery store and wellness center, North Market, in North Minneapolis that revolutionizes the intersection of economic development, food, and health care access.

Prior to this, Mosley served as chief of staff for Pillsbury United Communities. He has been a fervent advocate for children and families as a guardian ad litem for Hennepin County, and proponent of advancing equity as a Commissioner for Civil Rights with the City of Minneapolis.

He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ Executive Leadership Institute, held in partnership with the University of Michigan. Recently, Mosley completed a certificate in human centered design at Stanford’s prestigious Institute of Design aka

Jeff Wicklander
North Memorial Health Hospital

Jeff Wicklander is president of North Memorial Health Hospital. He was appointed president in 2014 and oversees all hospital operations and customer care at North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale. Previously, Wicklander was vice president of patient care and chief nursing officer at United Hospital.

Jennifer Close
President and Chief Ambulatory Officer
North Memorial Health

Jennifer Close joined North Memorial Health in 2016. She oversees planning and operations for North Memorial Health’s primary care and specialty care clinics as well as ambulance services. Prior to joining North Memorial Health, Close served as senior vice president of ambulatory services at the University of Chicago.