CEO Blog: July 2016

Alliance and Sen. Wyden Urge Senate to Take Action

The members of the 114th Congress have left Washington D.C. for their home states for summer recess. But before their departure, there was a tremendous effort in the Senate to pass the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 (HR 5456). It was passed by the House of Representatives in June. But unfortunately, the bill will wait in the queue until the Senate reconvenes Sept. 6. … more

A Question for November

This month both of the major political parties will nominate their candidate for president of the United States. If all goes as indicated, we will have our first woman nominee and our first candidate of the modern era to have never held public office or completed significant military service prior to running. … more

When Does "Not One More Minute" Apply to Kids and Families?

A highlight of the Alliance CEO Council meetings, for me, is when we hear updates from council members on the activities of their organizations.

The information they share makes me proud to witness the importance of this century-old national association and our role to ensure both the strength, distinction, and influence of this great sector as, together, we lead to help all people reach their fullest potential. Isn’t that why we exist? … more

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