CEO Blog: December 2015

Tribute to Neighbor To Family Founder and CEO Gordon Johnson

For all of us, from time to time we meet people who end up having a significant influence on our lives. … more

When Nonprofits Get Serious About Innovation

Thanks to Michael Mortell, who leads Consultation and Advisory Services for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, for providing this guest post on one of our newest benefits of membership, Innovation Engineering Cohort. 

In recent months, America has enjoyed the good fortune of having not one, but two films about Steve Jobs in our local theatres.

There is, however, a third film that has yet to be released. It’s the one in which Steve Jobs opts out of a path to amazing success through innovative thinking in the private sector for an amazingly successful and game-changing career in the nonprofit sector. Of course, that movie is purely imaginary. But what if it wasn’t? … more

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