CEO Blog: July 2015

Tell Department of Labor: Help Prevent Unintended Consequences

In the flurry of headlines surrounding the Department of Labor’s recently released notice of proposed rules to update the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime exemptions and its potential impact on businesses, there seems to be a missing perspective. If enacted, how will these regulations affect members of the nonprofit human-serving sector? And even more, what will the potential impact be for the children, families, and the communities we serve? … more

Sharing a Great View of Billings, Montana and Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

After working with Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch (YBGR) in Billings, Montana, on a board of directors retreat, my consulting partners and I took an exhilarating walk on paths around the local paths—successfully avoiding rattlesnakes!


  … more

Historic Rulings Crescendo Drumbeat for Advancing Equity

After almost 25 years of working in both the public and nonprofit sectors in the health and human services arena, I now see that all of the programs in the world will not solve the real challenge our society faces: the lack of equity (simply defined as the lack of equal access and equal opportunity). … more

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