CEO Blog: February 2015

Board Members Show Leadership in Trying Time

David Newell, executive director of Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member Nebraska Families Collaborative (NFC) in Omaha, recently sent me a report commissioned and released by Nebraska state legislators on results of the state’s privatization of child welfare services. I was very concerned because the report is a grossly unfair portrait of the work done by NFC.

When privatization efforts began in Nebraska in 2009, NFC was one of five private lead agencies to contract with the state. In the ensuing years, four of the five original agencies lost or ended their contracts, citing inadequate reimbursement from the state. Yes, NFC is the only private agency left. … more

Toxic Stress: Reducing the Real Barriers to Overcoming its Affects

Stress, stress, stress!

I have seen a lot of recent media coverage of the difference between “healthy stress” and “unhealthy stress,” or what many refer to as “toxic stress” that affects our lives and our bodies.

Many of you are aware of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) studies that show an unequivocal scientific connection between toxic stress and chronic illness, disease, and other significant life altering influences. … more

Real-Time Evaluation Plays Integral Role in Drive for Systems Change

Laura Pinsoneault, director of evaluation and research services for the Alliance, provides a guest blog post on how evaluation is best administered for true systems change.

Any discussion of funding of the social service sector today is not complete without taking a side as to the role of rigorous evaluation. … more

Let's Hold this NRA Board Member Responsible for Comments

As Americans, there are times we must step up and take a stand. This is one of those times. The insensitive and dangerous comments by National Rifle Association (NRA) board member Charles Cotton are simply reprehensible and the NRA should remove him from its board. … more

Connections Are the Key to Synergy that Makes a Difference

Yesterday morning, I was proud to see my Leadership 18 peer Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide, on MSNBC announcing an expansion of United Way’s illiteracy abatement program. The effort is called Club Connect, and it teams them up with a variety of entities and people to provide resources to the schools most in need to help improve early grade reading levels. … more

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