Ann Koerner

Knowledge, Leadership, and Innovation Operations Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6562

Ann Koerner came to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities with more than 30 years of nonprofit experience in organizations of all sizes.

While living on the South Side of Chicago, she founded a transitional housing program for women and children who are homeless and in need of a safe and nurturing place to live. Her role included acquiring funding to purchase a home, collaborating with private and governmental agencies, rehabilitation and design of the building, developing a comprehensive program to serve the needs of the residents, hiring competent staff, and implementing the program.

Koerner's commitment to low-income housing led her to an executive director position for a specially designed, wheelchair-accessible apartment complex serving persons with physical disabilities. Established in 1986, it is an alternative to nursing home placement for persons of all ages who are able to live independently with minimal assistance. The concept is a prototype for similar structures throughout the country.

She is involved in local community organizing groups and serves on the board of a health care parent company. As a member of a religious community of women, she is committed to social justice, to systemic change, and to furthering the role of women in society.

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