New Snapshots Video: Not Complainers, Dream Makers

As a young executive and founder of Tennessee-based Youth Villages, Pat Lawler eagerly looked forward to attending state association meetings with his seasoned peers, hoping to gain valuable insight from their wisdom. Rather, he was met with a room full of complaining, back stabbing, and finger pointing. What he didn’t hear was accountability for the failings of the child welfare system.

At a crossroads, Lawler asked himself, “Am I going to be an old white guy still sitting in these meetings complaining about everything?” … more

Gear Up to Register for the 2016 Senior Leadership Conference

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' 2016 Senior Leadership Conference (SLC) is uniquely tailored to the networking and knowledge development needs of executives, directors, and managers at human-serving organizations.

Get in gear by registering for this leadership development opportunity, to be held Feb. 27-March 1 in Austin, Texas. … more

Receive Free Integral Personnel Budgeting Tool

Participate in the only compensation study focused solely on the human services sector and receive a free copy of the final report.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities 2016 U.S. Human Services Compensation report is an integral tool for use in budgeting and compensation practices because it features analysis of data from similar nonprofit organizations.

By completing this year's survey, Alliance members will not only help inform the report with up-to-date information, but also get a free copy—a $450 value. Nonmembers will receive a $300 discount on the report. … more

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