Request for Applications to Influence Systems Change and Policy with Brain Science Research

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Norlien Foundation, with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, announce the release of a Request for Applications for participation in a two-country cohort of nonprofit/nongovernmental human-serving agencies committed to transforming their capacity to accelerate the integration and application of brain science research within their organizations, their communities, and the public sector systems in which they work. … more

The Links Between Income Inequality, Racism, and Health Disparities are Indisputable

If you care about equity in our country, you need to read this even if you aren’t involved in health care.

Imagine being a woman who is black and living in an area marked by high income inequality. You are commercially insured and poor, and then diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Chances are you lack access to quality health information, and in the past when you’ve tried to advocate for yourself, you haven’t felt supported or safe. So when those who you see as having power over you, like your doctor, tell you of your diagnosis of breast cancer and what they are going to do about it, your response is to agree with everything they say without question. … more

Preregister for Second Wave to Implement Commitments Assessment Tool

Due to high demand, the first wave for organizations to implement the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Commitments Assessment Tool is full. Alliance members may continue to register for later waves. … more

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