Together with our partners at UST, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities can help nonprofit organizations achieve significant savings and reliable protection from unemployment claims that can bog down your business and hamper your ability to focus on your mission.  

Unemployment claims are unavoidable, but UST can help you maintain control of your unemployment funding by protecting your assets and cash flow from unexpected volatility. Whether your primary focus is to protect your assets, ensure compliance with state regulations, or reduce unemployment costs, UST can customize a solution to meet your unique needs. 



Financial Protection & Savings

Regardless of your nonprofit’s programs, size, or location, UST’s customized programs provide funding options to meet your individual needs—including unemployment insurance and a self-funded reserve. UST can also help you achieve operational savings by driving down overhead costs through improved management of unemployment claims. In their first two years of membership, participating organizations have seen savings as high as 60 percent on their unemployment costs by streamlining day-to-day processes. 

Unemployment Claims Administration 

Better management of the unemployment claims process can be a significant avenue for savings for many nonprofits. Through UST, participating organizations have a dedicated regional claims advisor for one-on-one advice on how to navigate unemployment issues and access to a robust online claim’s dashboard and e-filing tool, which helps save time and money and ensure compliance. UST also provides its members with a local hearing representative to stand at your side whenever unemployment claims escalate. 

Human Resources Tools and Training 

Through a comprehensive suite of human resources resources, UST can train your HR staff to navigate employment issues more efficiently. UST clients have access to an online library of thousands of critical forms, documents, tools, and checklists to make managing unemployment claims easier. Over 200 training courses are available for both employees and managers to keep up to speed on best practices and industry standards. UST also provides a live human resources hotline staffed by certified human resources professionals to help you get timely and thorough answers to any issues that may arise. 

Outplacement & Career Transition Services 

The most basic way to reduce unemployment costs is to help displaced employees get back to work sooner. UST provides tools and resources like on-demand job coaching, social networking training, tools to match professional profiles with millions of available positions, interactive resume builders, interview workshops and more to help former employees get back to work quicker, ultimately lowering your unemployment expenses. 

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