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Current Issue

A Spirit of Partnership: Evidence-Based Practice for Children, Families and Their Communities

Healthy families are the foundation of thriving communities when they have access to quality supports strengthened by capable and authentic service delivery. As such, they deserve the best evidence-based practices and empirically supported interventions when faced with barriers to achieving their full potential.

The social sector recognizes the importance of bringing key stakeholders together to focus their efforts on collaborative, community-based systems. A special collection by Families in Society (Vol. 98, Issue 1), which is excerpted in this issue, offers multiple points of intersection with EBP in child welfare and family programs: research and development, education and workforce training, and implementation best practices in service delivery.

The collection is a collaboration between the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Child & Family Evidence-Based Practice Consortium, whose members collaborate in technical assistance and research dissemination, and promote networks of learning about evidence-based practice, workforce capacity, and implementation science.

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