Illustration of various types of information being funneled to computerThe Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Library helps members to continuously learn, improve, and innovate by providing timely access to reliable information and premium content and resources. Through a staff of highly qualified and experienced librarians, members have access to curated and vetted information.

The Alliance Library puts information at members’ fingertips. It features numerous digital collections on relevant topics for nonprofit human-serving organizations that contain book summaries, full-text articles, and sample policies and procedures.

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Premium Content  

Everything can’t be found with Google. The internet is full of great content, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t guarantee that is from a reliable source. Eliminate that concern and spend less time wading through incomplete or incorrect information.  As a benefit of membership, Alliance members have access to:  

  • Sample policies, plans, and procedures submitted by Alliance members
  • Families in Society, more than 2,000 articles, essays, editorials, and book reviews from the Alliance’s social work journal
  • Business book summaries
  • Full-text versions of high-quality articles from reputable publishers  

Special Collections  

The collections are built on years of member information requests and staffed by experienced librarians. Special Collections include:    

  • Center for Engagement and Neighborhood Building Collection
  • Change in Mind Collection Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofits Collections
  • Librarian Favorite Resources
  • Member Materials Collection
  • Sector Trend Reports  

Customized Research

Alliance members have access to librarians’ expertise to supplement their own research capabilities. Ask a librarian for assistance with customized research. Librarians regularly assist with:  

  • Accreditation-related questions
  • Literature searches on various program areas
  • Finding sample policies used by other nonprofits
  • Identifying other Alliance members with certain programs or areas of expertise