Special Efforts Being Made in Oklahoma to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities

Oklahoma is working with Eckerd Kids to implement Eckerd Rapid Safety Feedback®, a unique process relying on real-time data analytics to flag high-risk child welfare cases for intensive monitoring and caseworker coaching.  [Recommendation 2.1]

In 2016, Oklahoma enacted HB 2491, which directs the Department of Human Services to notify military authorities of child abuse and neglect reports. It also requires every investigation to include inquiry about active duty military status, provides for collection and reporting of information to military authorities, and authorizes disclosure of records to military authorities without a court order.  [Recommendation 6.1e]

In 2016, Oklahama enacted HB 2971, creating a Child Welfare Review Committee for the Death and Near Death of Children with Disabilities. The Committee will study cases of the death and near death of children with disabilities who have previous child welfare involvement or who are in the custody and care of the Department of Human Services. The Committee will issue a report of its findings to the Legislature and Governor no later than December 1, 2018. [Recommendation 6.2]