Special Efforts Being Made in Louisiana to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities

October 17, 2017- The State Department of Children and Family Services has posted an online mapping tool called Safe Haven Facility Locator in an effort to prevent newborn abandonment. Child Protective Services Program Manager Mona Michelli says a mother can visit louisianasafehaven.com to find a place where they can give up a child less than 60 day old.
[ Recommendation 5.3e]

September 22, 2017- Teachers and administrators are often held accountable when it comes to cases involving abuse, but revisions to Louisiana's Mandatory Reporter Law requires anyone who is directly involved with children to report suspicious activity.
[ Recommendation 7.2d]  

Louisiana is working with Eckerd Kids to implement Eckerd Rapid Safety Feedback®, a real-time data analytics tool to flag high-risk child welfare cases for intensive monitoring and caseworker coaching. They are currently in the development stage.   [Recommendation 2.1]