The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and our strategic action network of thousands of social sector leaders and partners are working to achieve a healthy and equitably society that promotes access, opportunity, and prosperity for all people. We know that systemic inequities, especially based on race, are real and significant barriers to people and communities working to reach their full potential. 

Racism and implicit bias continue to traumatize our communities, and additional factors, determined by where children, adults, and families live, work, learn, and play, are creating increasingly wide disparities. The Alliance therefore helps the leaders in our network to model and influence policy and systems that ensure diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity in their organizations and in their communities. Learn more about our shared values.

Guiding Principles

Focusing on the social sector in which we operate, the Alliance’s work to advance equity is guided by the following principles: 

  • Action is a proactive strategy and response to hate; we challenge injustice and untruths at play in society today
  • The social sector contributes to inequity; we strive to understand the role our system plays in perpetuating oppression, and to address the dynamics that support it
  • We value and engage all voices in these conversations; we are especially committed to incorporating and elevating the voice of lived experience to inform practice, policy, and systems

Our Work: Equity in the Social Sector Workforce 

The Alliance is making progress toward our vision of an equitable society through core strategies around equity, diversity and inclusion in the social sector:

  • Applying relevant theories of development to our work, pulling from all fields of practice within the Alliance network
  • Educating individuals and organizations that are working to expand and accelerate practices around equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Actively investing in the success and sustainability of our commitment through relationships with funders and partners who share our values and vision for the future

Why Equity is Imperative

Education, criminal justice, health care, housing, and the economy, among other systems, must be just, fair, and inclusive for everyone to fully contribute to their communities. This includes access and opportunity to achieve health and well-being, educational success, economic opportunity, and safety and resilience. 

More Information

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