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As a manager in the advisory services practice at Nonprofit Finance Fund, Sophia Raday combines her finance skills with her communications abilities to help set new directions of collaboration while also advancing funding opportunities between community-based organizations (CBOs) and the health care industry.

Through projects like Advancing Resilience and Community Health (ARCH), which fosters new relationships between CBOs and health care, Raday sees tremendous opportunity for partnering, but also believes that adopting new funding models to fuel this collaboration can be complicated or situational and that the reluctance to share data must be addressed to benefit all. However, she points to recent pay-for-performance funding changes that illustrate where progress has been made, "I would say that the model has kind of evolved … pay for performance used to be pay for success, where there was kind of an all or nothing payment if the goals were met, and it's transformed somewhat to more of a hybrid model where there's payments along the way, and then there's like bonuses for reaching certain goals. That seems to be a kind of a better model of the best of both worlds,” she states.

Raday is very enthusiastic about the growth in partnerships now emerging between individual CBOs, CBO networks, and the health care industry, which is still a relatively new concept between the two sectors. However, she identifies obstacles to overcome, like the power dynamics between smaller CBOs and larger health care entities, “We hope that by pulling together a network might help to balance the scales a little bit," says Raday. Also, she feels that there is too much fragmentation in the CBO landscape, which complicates service coordination. To address this, Raday believes that developing CBO networks that would allow health care providers to contract with one combined entity rather than several smaller agencies may be one of the answers.

One thing that Raday emphasizes is that cross-sector collaboration with networks of CBOs and new funding models is still in its earliest stage. “For folks out there that lead community-based organizations, you haven't missed the boat. This is a very nascent idea and movement. … You can come on board,” she explains. And with Raday’s commitment to identify and advance these initiatives, the paths and incremental steps to better collaboration and funding opportunities will be well-defined.

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To learn more about the state of partnerships between members of the Alliance network and health care, and gain insight from Alliance recommendations, download the report Findings of the 2019 Health Request for Information.

About the Podcast

While many are realizing that collaboration and holistic approaches are the solution, the health care and human services sectors are struggling to find the right formula to realize the full potential. The More than Health Care podcast is designed to help organizations overcome barriers to partnerships resulting from cultural differences, financial pressures, and rules and regulations. 

In addition to showcasing inspiring examples of integration from across the country, featured experts will expose the myths, misconceptions, and shortcomings of efforts to address the social determinants of health through collaboration across sectors. 

This podcast is presented by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, Ascentria Care Alliance, Beech Acres Parenting Center, and KVC Health Systems. Cohosts Jill Huynh, vice president of new business development at Beech Acres, and Tim Johnstone, executive vice president of community services at Ascentria, and producer Erin Keltner, vice president of clinical services at KVC Health Systems, work at the intersection of health and human services, bringing the expertise and practical experience to uncover key takeaways for improving health care and human services integration. 

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