Every day, Bridge Meadows witnesses the importance of housing stability. Bridge Meadows identifies housing as the foundation for health and well-being for all generations. As an organization that creates intentional intergenerational communities, they found it of great importance to elevate the voices of stakeholders to promote more funding for affordable housing across Oregon.

Bridge Meadows formally endorsed and put their name on two ballot measures related to affordable housing. These two measures were endorsed by an unprecedented 500+ organizations, businesses, elected officials, and community leaders united in the fight for affordable housing. The measures would ensure the creation of more affordable housing options for thousands of people across Oregon. They also would allow local governments to partner with private and nonprofit partners to build more affordable housing using bonds as a financing tool.

Bridge Meadows’ endorsement of these two affordable housing ballot measures was an actionable way to align their housing services and mission with policies that influence everyday life. They consistently strive to create opportunities that empower and engage their multi-generational living communities in the fight for fair and stable housing. 

Bridge Meadows is an intentional intergenerational living community — where youth formerly in foster care, their adoptive parents, and elders find a true home built with love and a shared vision of a better tomorrow.

Voter and Civic Engagement Toolkit

The Alliance partnered with experienced members and Nonprofit VOTE to provide examples from the field, along with resources containing guidance on voter and civic engagement in the new toolkit, Strategies for Mobilizing Voters: A Toolkit for Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations.

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