EMPath’s civic engagement and community empowerment efforts demonstrate that when people understand the voting process, they are more likely to engage now and in the future. For these reasons, EMPath works closely with families and staff to inform them about the voting process. EMPath strives to ensure residents feel empowered and understand how to make their voices heard. 

Through EMPath’s Voices Advocacy Council (VAC), EMPath trains members on the legislative process and equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to advocate for themselves and their families. The VAC members in turn spread this education and knowledge to their neighbors, which fosters a true environment of co-creating with community, one of the Commitments of High-Impact Organizations. EMPath co-creates and leverages the assets of their own community members to strengthen and empower those around them. VAC members visit EMPath’s shelters to help people register to vote with their new address and connect new residents to local information. 

Leading up to elections, EMPath provides nonpartisan information on the voting process to families. They break down confusion and prepare peoplefor what to expect at the polls. They teach Know Your Rights sessions, which emphasize the right to ask for a translator if the ballot is not in your language, and they inform community members what “yes” and “no” stand for on ballot initiatives. This type of work is extremely important for first time voters and for community members whose first language is not English. 

Regardless of voter eligibility, EMPath emphasizes the democratic value of educating all community members on how voting works in order to build a more empowered community across the board. EMPath's civic engagement efforts are driven by the belief that voting is a critical part of elevating community voices to impact policies. For organizations like EMPath, with a commitment to high impact, an engaged community is an empowered community.

EMPath is a Boston-based nonprofit that combats poverty through direct services, research, advocacy, and a global learning network.

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Voter and Civic Engagement Toolkit

The Alliance partnered with experienced members and Nonprofit VOTE to provide examples from the field, along with resources containing guidance on voter and civic engagement in the new toolkit, Strategies for Mobilizing Voters: A Toolkit for Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations.

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