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Community-based human services nonprofits provide critical services that kids, adults, and families need now more than ever. Every year, we house, feed, and care for millions of people, and, due to COVID-19, these families will experience increased hardship in the coming months. 

Our work is vital and non-negotiable. That’s why we’re demanding Congress provide $60 billion in relief to nonprofits across the country to keep our doors open and allow us to continue delivering services that will lessen the worst effects of the ongoing national crisis. 

In our letter to Congress, signed by more than 95 national nonprofits, we call on the federal government to distribute $60 billion in immediate financial relief through the following means: 

  • We need zero-interest loans and emergency grants to provide an immediate cash infusion into our sector and keep us whole so we can remain on the front lines.
  • We need a temporary universal charitable deduction, which will incentivize charitable giving for all donors and supplement lost revenue.
  • We need to open up additional business relief measures including payroll tax incentives and additional paid leave to nonprofit human services employers of all sizes.

Support this effort by taking action today. Congress is considering a legislative package now and we are running out of time.

We’ve provided sample messaging, making it easy for you to to call and tweet your members of Congress.

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Read the full letter and our press release.

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