Happy New Year, Alliance family!

Thank you to the following organizations for contributing knowledge to the Alliance network via the Alliance library in 2019 – your contributions made up nearly half of the ten most clicked library resources of 2019. Check out the Member Materials collection for more.

  • ACH Child and Family Services (Fort Worth, TX)
  • Ascentria Care Alliance (Worcester, MA)
  • Branches (Miami, FL)
  • Child & Family Services of Newport County (Middletown, RI)
  • Christopher House (Chicago, IL)
  • Community Resource Center (Encinitas, CA)
  • East Side Neighborhood Services (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Family & Children's Place (Louisville, KY)
  • Family Services (Winston Salem, NC)
  • Green Chimneys Children's Services (Brewster, NY)
  • Lawrence Hall (Chicago, IL)
  • Lincoln (Oakland, CA)
  • Northwestern University Settlement House (Chicago, IL)
  • Partnership for Families, Children & Adults, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN)
  • Pillsbury United Communities (Minneapolis, MN)
  • The Children's Home Society of Florida (Orlando, FL)
  • The Link (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Turning Points for Children (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Utah Youth Village (Holladay, UT)
  • Woods (Langhorne, PA)

Please take a minute or two and submit something you use often, find indispensable, and/or are particularly proud of via this form. Or, simply reply to this post or email it to library@alliance1.org.

Here are the 2019 Top Ten most accessed resources in the Alliance Library:

As you will see, dashboards were very popular.

 #10 "Creative Financing": Funding Evidence-Based Interventions in Human Service Systems
Jaramillo, Elise Trott; Willging, Cathleen E.; Green, Amy E.; Gunderson, Lara M.; Fettes, Danielle L.; Aarons, Gregory A.

Study findings indicate several strategies that government and CBO administrators, as well as policy makers at the national level, can undertake to ensure the sustainment of behavioral health EBIs over time.

#9 Library of Sample Dashboard Indicators
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

Categories include: Fund Development; Human Resources/Internal Processes; Boards/Governance; Programs; Finances; Marketing/Communications; Volunteer Management; Technology; Membership; and Facility/Residential.

#8 Increasing Mission Impact Through Collaboration: Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative Processes and Toolkit
Alliance member Christopher House (Chicago, IL)

This guide includes processes for collaboration as well as how to use data for learning and improvement in new projects and established initiatives. Processes for collaborating are grouped into four stages.

  1. Establish a Shared Vision and Goals
  2. Build Capacity for Data Use and Collaborative Learning
  3. Use Data and Improve Practice
  4. Sustain and Institutionalize Systems.

#7 Models and Components of a Great Nonprofit Dashboard
Polanco, Hilda H.; Walker, Sarah

This article focuses on the important aspects of creating an effective dashboard.

#6 Sample Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plans: From the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' Building Organizational Capacity for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion cohort
Alliance members The Children's Home Society of Florida (Orlando, FL); East Side Neighborhood Services (Minneapolis, MN); Lincoln (Oakland, CA); The Link (Minneapolis, MN); Turning Points for Children (Philadelphia, PA); Woods (Langhorne, PA)

These plans are living documents; works in progress as these organizations continue their paths of building organizational capacity for equity, diversity, and inclusion. We will add more plans to this document as they become available.

#5 Agency Dashboard
Alliance member Green Chimneys Children's Services (Brewster, NY) 

This spreadsheet includes monthly indicators for multiple programs and departments.

#4 Refreshing Your Nonprofit Board Dashboard
The Bridgespan Group

This blog provides information about how to create dashboards for boards that effectively highlight successes of an organization.

#3 Alliance Members With Revenue-Generating Assets
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities; ACH Child and Family Services (Fort Worth, TX); Ascentria Care Alliance (Worcester, MA); Branches (Miami, FL); Child & Family Services of Newport County (Middletown, RI); Community Resource Center (Encinitas, CA); Family & Children's Place (Louisville, KY); Family Services (Winston Salem, NC); Lawrence Hall (Chicago, IL); Northwestern University Settlement House (Chicago, IL); Partnership for Families, Children & Adults, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN); Pillsbury United Communities (Minneapolis, MN); Utah Youth Village (Holladay, UT)

In June 2019, the Alliance Library reached out to members to find those that have converted a real estate holding (property) or other valuable organizational resource into a revenue-generating asset.

#2 A Nonprofit Dashboard & Signal Light for Boards
Bell, Jeanne; Masaoka, Jan

The idea of making data -- especially financial data -- easily readable for board members is not a new one. Building on that basic idea, the authors have added two critical features: Action lights and Changes over time.

#1 Nonprofit Standards: A Benchmarking Survey

Nonprofit Standards is a national benchmarking survey of 200 nonprofit organizations across a variety of sectors, including health and human services, higher education, public charities and private and community foundations. The report looks at strategic planning and partnerships (mergers), operations, funding composition, investments, spending policy, spending rate, impact reporting, employee satisfaction, compensation, flexible work, governance, fraud prevention, digital transformation, etc.
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