By Alliance President and CEO Susan Dreyfus 

Since the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ founding over a century ago, we have always been a network committed to building strong families and communities and we have always understood that, as a sector, we are more than great providers of programs and services—we are also builders and protectors of a free, just, and civil society. Ensuring that all people in our organizations and communities who are eligible can cast their ballots this year is one way we demonstrate our distinction. To support you, the Alliance, in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE and experienced members, has created the Strategies for Mobilizing Voters: A Toolkit for Nonprofit Community-Based Organizations. This toolkit will provide tips and resources in civic engagement and voter education, registration, and mobilization.

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Since 2018, the Alliance has captured inspirational stories from our members that detail their amazing work to engage communities on the ground. Over the coming months, we will be releasing these vignettes, alongside resources from Nonprofit VOTE, through our Alliance E-News and Alliance Policy Radar. We hope that you not only enjoy these stories, but also look to them as a guide for kickstarting your own voter engagement efforts in your respective communities. 

You will read stories from Alliance members that have: 

  • Made voting an extension of their missions, leading voter registration drives year-round, not just leading up to election day 
  • Galvanized staff to register themselves, as well as their communities 
  • Confronted and overcame communal apathy stemming from intergenerational poverty and systemic neglect 
  • Inspired people to act with educational, relatable messaging on issues that mattered to the community 

The commitment you make to civic engagement and voter mobilization this year will help bring more people into active participation in their communities for years to come. Our network is in a great position to rise above the partisan divides by doing our part to ensure people are registered to vote, providing them opportunities to be educated on issues that impact everyday lives and, as you can, helping people vote in November. 

We look forward to hearing your stories of how you invite and engage your staff and community in civic engagement and exercising their right to vote in the year ahead!  

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