The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has added comprehensive cybersecurity and translation products to its suite of Operations Support Services. These offerings are designed to give nonprofit organizations peace of mind knowing their back office and administrative services are being handled efficiently and effectively. 

Cybersecurity Services

Acknowledging that data breaches are becoming increasingly common, hackers are getting savvier, and the amount of compromised data is on the rise, the Alliance now provides several services to make sure organizations are mitigating their risk. Ensure your organization is protected with offerings including monitoring and vulnerability scanning and testing, security awareness training for staff, and cyber liability insurance. Like all Alliance Operations Support Services, this offering is delivered with expertise in nonprofit needs such as HIPAA compliance. 

Translation Services

New translation services are now available to help organizations seamlessly and cost-effectively communicate with their neighbors and clients. Through the Alliance’s partnership with TransPerfect, the world’s leading provider of translation services, organizations have access to in-person, phone, video, as well as document translation, multilingual email and chat support, and more. An extensive network with validated expertise provides solutions in over 170 languages.  

Student Loan Support Portal

The Alliance also has enhanced its offerings to strengthen organizations’ human capital. Individuals now may access a new online tool to better manage their student loan debt and take advantage of federal repayment and forgiveness programs. Through the Alliance’s partnership with Savi, individuals can receive a free student loan checkup as well as purchase access to premium services at a 50% discount.  

“The Alliance offers exceptional value because we are solely focused on the unique needs of nonprofits and have vetted our partners to provide best-in-class solutions,” says Lenore Schell, senior vice president of strategic business innovation. “Further, we offer cost savings by negotiating discounted fees that capitalize on our buying power.” 

The Operations Support Services were formalized in response to the Alliance’s 2017 report, A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America. This groundbreaking report, developed in conjunction with the American Public Human Services Association, details the need to strengthen and preserve the pivotal role community-based organizations play in the larger human services ecosystem. Among four other “north star” recommendations, the report outlines the importance of developing more robust finance and risk management capabilities. 

Learn more about the Alliance’s Operations Support Services and request more information online.