Don’t fall victim to a cyberattack that could take down your organization

Data breaches are getting bigger, hackers are getting savvier, and the amount of compromised data is unfortunately on the rise. These attacks and breaches are becoming more common and nonprofits are not immune. However, many community-based organizations are underprepared.  

The 2018 State of Nonprofit Cybersecurity Report from nonprofit technology association NTEN reveals gaps in relaxed security policies: 

  • 68.2% of respondents do not have documented policies and procedures for handling an attack 
  • 59.2% of respondents do not provide any cybersecurity training to staff on a regular basis 
  • 17.1% of respondents require staff to use a password/login manager 

To help community-based organizations reduce their risk of a cyberattack, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ Operations Support Services developed a suite of cybersecurity services geared toward nonprofit organizations. 

“Our cybersecurity services not only address technology systems, but also staff education and training,” said Lenore Schell, senior vice president of strategic business innovation, “While secure tech infrastructure is important, we know that 27 percent of data breaches are caused by human error, including staff mistakenly clicking or opening an infected document or link, so we deliver solutions to safeguard against it.” 

The Alliance offers cybersecurity services in three core areas: 

Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, and Penetration Testing 

The Alliance can support common security activities including operational monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing. These threat detection solutions can comprehensively identify and evaluate the security and business risk poster of your organization. 

Automated Security Awareness Training Program for Staff 

Because employees are frequently exposed to increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks, this service makes sure they know how to recognize and handle suspicious messages. The Alliance’s comprehensive approach, offered through a partnership with KnowB4, integrates baseline testing using mock attacks, interactive web-based training and testing, and continuous assessment through simulated attacks.  

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Through our partnership with Brown & Brown Insurance of Lehigh Valley, the Alliance offers an exclusive cyber liability insurance product. Compared to all major competitors, this insurance offers the lowest pricing, lowest deductibles, and broadest coverage; plus, it includes 24-hour customer service and IT security experts on staff.  

“As cybercrimes become sophisticated, firewalls and training are important preventive measures, but only one part of a cybersecurity risk management plan,” said Schell. “A comprehensive risk insurance plan can protect not only your proprietary information, but disruption in service, cyber extortion, and digital asset restoration to name a few.”

Opportunities to Learn More: 

Cybersecurity services is just one of several ways the Alliance Operations Support Services can help you focus on your mission and give you peace of mind knowing your back-office functions are in order. Learn more and request more information online