By Louis E. GrowMiller, senior director of family services, Turning Points for Children, a Public Health Management affiliate

This year, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is offering six scholarships (a value of nearly $600 each) for staff at member organizations to attend the 2020 Senior Leadership Conference in Savannah, Georgia, Feb. 22-25, 2020. This is a GREAT opportunity to have one of your organization’s rising leaders participate in the learning and networking that the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ Senior Leadership Conference is known for. 

We knew many of our staff would want to apply, so here’s what we did:

My organization, Turning Points for Children, a Public Health Management affiliate, values staff development and is always looking for professional growth opportunities for our senior level staff. After seeing a Facebook post about the Rising Leader Scholarships available last year, we knew it was a great opportunity for them. However, we are a large organization with nearly 750 employees, 30 of which are considered senior leaders. We believed many staff would be interested because of the conference’s sessions, experiences of past attendees, and the location. So, we developed an application process where all interested would apply to represent Turning Points for Children as a Rising Leader applicant. 

Senior leaders were encouraged to complete an application similar to the Alliance’s scholarship application and submit it to our executive leadership team. We discussed and rated applications during one of our weekly executive team meetings, and submissions were rated based on their responses, professional experience, and opportunities for personal and program growth by attending the Senior Leadership Conference. 

We received nearly a dozen applications, which made our already difficult task even more difficult. Eventually, we decided to allow four applicants (one individual and a team of three) to apply with the Alliance and represent Turning Points for Children. 

A few months later, we were excited to find out our individual applicant was selected to receive one of the Rising Leader Scholarships. Even though our team was not selected, we wanted to support their development and were able to locate funding for them to attend. (And we made sure to take advantage of the multi-person registration discount for teams of three or more!)

This year, we hope to provide the same opportunity to our staff to represent Turning Points for Children! 

To apply, view full details and complete the online form by Nov. 6, 2019. 

Learn more about the Senior Leadership Conference online.

Contact the Alliance Meetings Department with questions.