The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities recently honored Family & Youth Counseling Agency in Lake Charles, Louisiana, with a 2019 Alliance Commitments Award for Leading with Vision.  

In Leading with Vision, Family & Youth quickly assessed that it needed to adapt and innovate in an ever-changing environment. This drive to continue to meet the needs of the community led to the implementation of Family and Youth’s umbrella business model. The umbrella business model has brought eight divisions under one organization, significantly reducing overhead costs and allowing the organization to create a catalyst of change in its community.

Family & Youth’s umbrella business model has allowed it to offer clients services at all stages of their lives, giving them truly encompassing services. The organization’s leadership team also prioritizes advocacy at the state and federal levels to ensure the needs identified in the community in which they serve are reflected in the legislation proposed for the state each year. By working to promote and protect programs and services that support children, youth, and families, the Family & Youth’s leadership leads with vision, striving the preserve the longevity of funding for vital services.

In addition to the innovative service provision, Family & Youth’s leadership has continuously looked to the future to assess the needs of the community as they arose, allowing Family and Youth to remain ahead of changes in the economic and political environment.

The award is being presented Oct. 17 as part of the 2019 Alliance National Conference, held Oct. 16-18 in Indianapolis. Family & Youth Counseling Agency in Lake Charles, Louisiana, received an Alliance Commitments Award for Leading with Vision.

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