The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is building upon its existing expertise as a thought leader in the sector to develop learning that drives best practices and promotes organizational excellence. As part of this effort, the Alliance will be launching an online learning community in early November. 

This new system will be your one-stop shop for learning, and featuring opportunities to help community-based organizations translate knowledge into measurable action to strengthen their organizations and achieve breakthrough results with children, families, and communities. 

As part of these changes, the discussions and Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) groups found in myAlliance will be moving to the new platform. Within your groups, you’ll be able to:  

  • Post and respond to questions 
  • Choose whether you want to receive notifications about a discussion 
  • Upload files, documents, pictures, and videos 

Learn more about the learning community online and stay tuned to the Alliance E-News for updates. Thank you to everyone who stopped by at the Alliance National Conference to learn more and see the platform!  

Direct questions to the Alliance’s Organizational Learning Department