Rehana Absar, director of impact for organizational excellence at the Alliance, recently published an article in the Nonprofit Business Advisor that provides examples of corporate America’s business strategies and how the nonprofit human services sector can learn from this “bottom line-driven for-profit sector.” Absar explains the benefits of how corporate America is constantly evolving and innovating, focusing on return on investment, using more modern and technology-enabled ways to offer services, developing strong partnerships and mergers to help them achieve better outcomes faster, and creating cost-effective approaches to administrative functions, like the Alliance’s Operations Support Services. Absar expresses that, “Human services community-based organizations (CBOs) need to elevate their game and take a page from corporate America’s playbook if it is to ensure its ability to deliver results that are truly transformative.”

Having been the project manager of the groundbreaking report, A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America, Absar has had the opportunity to take a deep look into the financial stress of our sector. She expresses that, “Adopting corporate style financial strategies is a given for human services CBOs if they are to address their financial challenges.” In addition to evaluating the financial stability of the nonprofit human services sector, this report recognizes the real and measurable roadblocks and challenges our sector experiences and sheds light on the potential of the larger community ecosystems and their impact. In addition, it provides recommendations to achieve the breakthrough results we want for our communities.  

Read Absar’s full article to learn how the lines between corporate America and nonprofits are becoming increasingly blurred as nonprofits begin thinking more strategically and long-term.

Learn more and download the executive summary and full report of A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America