There's no question that Alliance for Strong Families and Communities members create and share valuable resources with others in the network. Each month, the Alliance Library identifies the most accessed resources from its collection. Last month’s top resources were contributed by Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services, George Junior Republic, LifeSpan, Inc., Child & Family Service, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services, Lampion Center, and Villa of Hope. Check out the Member Materials collection for more.

Here are November's Top Ten most accessed resources in the Alliance Library:

#10 Escalating Pension Benefit Costs - Another Threat to Nonprofit Survival? 
Johns Hopkins University; Alliance for Strong Families and Communities; Salamon, Lester M.; Geller, Stephanie L.; Mengel, Kasey L.

This provides details on nonprofit retirement benefit plans and the challenges they are creating for nonprofit organizations across the nation. For more current retirement benefits information, check out the Alliance's U.S. Human Services Workforce Trends and Compensation Studies.

#9 Continuous Improvement to Impact Well-Being
Alliance member Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services (Milwaukee, WI); and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Institute for Child and Family Well-Being

In this 2019 Alliance National Conference workshop, participants learned how Children's Hospital of Wisconsin adapted lessons learned from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' Change in Mind initiative to integrate human-centered design concepts, rapid cycle feedback from families, and data on family functioning into a CQI process that also informs systems change efforts.

#8 Policy and Procedures Regarding Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment (Prison Rape Elimination Act)
Alliance member George Junior Republic (Grove City, PA)

George Junior Republic as an agency servicing youth at risk asserts and enforces zero tolerance policies regarding all forms of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment among the employees and clients of George Junior Republic. George Junior Republic will comply with and meet the standards of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). To ensure the safety, security and well being of the clients, George Junior Republic will address the prevention, detection and response of sexual assaults through the outlined policies.

#7 Succession Policy for Executive Leadership
Alliance member LifeSpan, Inc. (Hamilton, OH)

A change in executive leadership is inevitable for all organizations and can be a very challenging time. Therefore, it is the policy of LifeSpan to be prepared for an eventual permanent change in leadership – either planned or unplanned – to insure the stability and accountability of the organization until such time as new permanent leadership is identified. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for implementing this policy and its related procedures.

#6 Fundraising Foundations Can Serve a Variety of Purposes
Burke-Robertson, Jane

Speaking at the 1996 Infonex Conference, Charitable Organizations in the 1990s: Efficient Management & Effective Fundraising, Jane Burke-Robertson, Partner in the firm Drache, Burke-Robertson & Buchmayer, explored the use of foundations in conjunction with capital campaigns.

#5 Results-based Accountability to Identify Impact Indicators and Measure Outcomes
Alliance member Child & Family Service (Ewa Beach, HI)

Child & Family Service presented at the 2019 Alliance National Conference on how a Results Based Accountability exercise can be used as a tool that can heighten awareness among leadership and provide the framework for moving forward in the areas of outcomes, collaborative partnerships, innovation, financial sustainability, and regulatory modernization. 

#4 Preventing Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-serving Organizations: Getting Started on Policies and Procedures
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This report describes six key components for preventing child sexual abuse in youth-serving organizations: 1) screening and selecting employees and volunteers; 2) establishing guidelines on interactions between persons; 3) monitoring behavior; 4) ensuring safe environments; 5) responding to inappropriate behavior, breaches in policy, and allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse; and 6) training in child sexual-abuse prevention.

#3 School Partnerships - Pursuing Common Goals through School-wide Mental Health Integration
Alliance members Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services (Pasadena, CA); Lampion Center (Evansville, IN); and Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

In this 2019 Alliance National Conference forum, participants heard from experts with decades of experience building effective partnerships between schools and community mental health agencies. They learned about a spectrum of collaborations ranging from training and consultation, to specialized programs that complement supports already existing in schools, to whole-school models for school-integrated mental health.

#2 Nonprofit Standards: A Benchmarking Survey

Nonprofit Standards is a national benchmarking survey of 200 nonprofit organizations across a variety of sectors, including health and human services, higher education, public charities and private and community foundations. The report looks at strategic planning and partnerships (mergers), operations, funding composition, investments, spending policy, spending rate, impact reporting, employee satisfaction, compensation, flexible work, governance, fraud prevention, digital transformation, etc.

#1 Leading Adaptive Change Webinar Series
Alliance member Villa of Hope (Rochester, NY)

Villa of Hope presented a three-part series on leading adaptive change—how our systems evolve to close the gap between where we are today and where we need to be to meet external needs and forces. The series covered how to prepare for adaptive change and assess readiness, how to address and improve organizational culture, and how to build staff resilience and update the brand.

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