During his Snapshots presentation at the 2019 Alliance National Conference, Ethan Neal, food systems manager at Pillsbury United Communities, explains how everyone can impact system change. In its extensive work to address disparities in health and nutrition, Pillsbury United Communities focuses on root causes as well as related immediate needs to help people better care for themselves, their children, and the priorities that matter to them.

In his Snapshots presentation, Ethan explains why Pillsbury United Communities is taking a comprehensive approach to helping Minneapolis residents lead healthier lives by offering access to food shelves, community cafés, a holistic health-focused grocery store, and urban farms. With this breadth of offerings and dreams of changing the world through food equity in Minneapolis, Ethan sought big picture change—but found himself feeling deterred.

Become inspired by Ethan's Snapshot presentation from the 2019 Alliance National Conference as he talks about the innovative approach that led to Pillsbury's reimagined way of addressing system change related to food and wellness.

Learn more about urban agriculture by downloading the Maximizing Urban Agriculture to Increase Community Health and Wellness Toolkit online. This toolkit was produced through a collaboration between longtime Alliance partner Aramark and urban agriculture experts BakerRipley and Pillsbury United Communities.

In addition, enhance your current community health and wellness program or get started in this area by becoming a Healthy for Life facilitator. Free registration offers access to the Healthy for Life Educational Experiences, an evidence-based community nutrition and well-being program that empowers people to make healthy food, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. The complete, ready-to-use program includes a curriculum, facilitator guides, videos, and more. 


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