Tell us how you’re promoting or executing voter engagement strategies and share your best practices and techniques. By sharing effective strategies across the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network, we can increase voter and election engagement throughout the nonprofit human services sector.

To share your story, submit your information below. On the next page, use the instructions and writing prompts to inspire your story. While crafting your story, consider:

  • Do you have any strategies or initiatives around voter engagement that have proven successful? If so, what are they?   
  • How do you reach the community to educate people about election day, the voting process, and casting a ballot? What resources or material help you to engage your community?  
  • What is at stake for your community? What policies do you want to promote and protect? How can voting effect the work that you do?  
  • Why do you see voting as an important value to your community and your organization? How do you create voting visibility?  
  • Do you have any activities planned for National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 25?  
  • Do you engage your staff? If so, how?

For resources on voter engagement, access this starter kit from Nonprofit VOTE.

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