The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has partnered with The Back Office Cooperative (BOC) to offer expense management consulting and services to community-based organizations across the U.S.

Expense management, along with background checks and screenings, is a new offering of the Alliance’s Operations Support Services. Partnering with BOC will allow the Alliance to improve the performance of community-based organizations by taking advantage of group buying power, delivering expert expense management services, and providing an environment for sharing best practices.

BOC’s board of directors understands how community-based organizations operate, and represents several Alliance members including Chicago Commons, Metropolitan Family Services, and One Hope United. The board’s combined knowledge and background in the social-serving sector places BOC as a prominent provider of nonprofit expense management services.

“Partnering with the Alliance is a great opportunity to expand expense management to a broader audience,” says Denis Hurley, CFO of Metropolitan Family Services and chair of the BOC Board of Directors. “By combining our reach with the national profile of the Alliance, the cooperative can help many additional social sector nonprofits control spend and direct more funds to their programs.”

By taking advantage of this new Alliance partnership for expense management consulting and services, organizations can save on a variety of back-office operations through customized solutions. 

Key features include:

  • The service and value of being part of purchasing scale that organizations cannot achieve on their own, optimizing the value of supplier relationships, and freeing up staff time to focus on mission
  • Complimentary analysis of annual supplier spends and a session with organizational leadership to discuss the analysis and resulting viable expense reduction strategies and opportunities 
  • Executive and/or stakeholder meetings to understand unique service and product requirements, which will then determine an organization’s participation in a BOC Group Plan or the execution of a full market analysis (RFP) - one size does not fit all
  • Presentation of analysis of savings and value for Group Programs 
  • Procurement services with expertise in over 30 administrative expense categories; process includes stakeholder sessions, assessment of requirements, execution of RFP, options and savings report, expert assistance on making the best supplier choices, full implementation support, and 24-month monitoring for full optimization    

From energy and utilities and fleet management to cleaning services and telecommunications, BOC supports a variety of cost-saving solutions for organizations. A full list can be viewed online

“We couldn’t be happier with the work the Cooperative is doing and are excited to share these expense management opportunities with more organizations,” said Lenore Schell, Alliance senior vice president of strategic business innovation. “It truly is a unique service with no risk or downside from our member’s perspective as well as no upfront, out-of-pocket fees.”

Learn more about the Alliance’s Operations Support Services online. For a free consultation on partnering with the Alliance for Operations Support Services, complete the online form.