How Culture Has Created an Authentic, Inclusion-Focused Environment

Four Alliance for Strong Families and Communities members are being featured in a series of videos that showcase each organization's approach to embracing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).

The Metropolitan Family Service mission is to help people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequality, and social inspiration. This video showcases the Portland, Oregon-based organization’s inclusive approach through their community programs that assist different cultures, ages, and economic needs. One program in particular includes Ready, Set, Go!, a Kindergarten readiness program that provides a wholistic approach for the entire family.

While communicating with different cultures, MFS staff are always thinking, “Who are we not including?” “What voices are missing?”

Jorge Cruz, Director of MFS Community Schools explains, “We push really hard to not become a buzz word agency, so for us, the words equity, inclusion, diversity, honor, respect, it’s not necessarily a buzz word for us, its apart of our DNA as an organization and it’s what defines us.”

Gain access to a community of peers working to advance equity in their own communities and organizations by joining the Alliance Peer Exchange Groups (APEX). Members of the group can ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from others in the Alliance network.

Stay tuned for final EDI Showcase Videos that features ANDRUS, Younkers, NY, which has transformed its trauma-informed and trauma-responsive model and developed a set of interactive tools that help children, families, and organizations cope with emotional, relational, psychological, and physical trauma.

Look back on the other EDI Showcase Videos on these Alliance members: 

  • UCAN, Lawndale, IL: This video highlights UCAN's pursuit and drive towards ensuring their leadership and board reflects their respective communities being served as well as ensuring how their organization identifies, recruit, supports and cultivates talent reflective of the communities being served.
  • Starr Commonwealth, Albion MI: Learn about their internationally known Glasswing: Racial Healing training that focuses on how to effectively start conversations related to race and developing viable pathways in addressing the generational harm racism has imposed on our nation.