By Susan Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance

I am urgently writing to ask you to join us in taking action in support of the thousands of children who have been separated from their parents at the border. The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has been working hard on this issue with the help of Alliance member BakerRipley in Houston, which is working closely with other Texas members on the ground to provide vital services for these families and children in their state.  

President Trump signed an executive order June 20 ending this arbitrary policy, which is a victory for all of us who have spoken out. What is not yet clear, though, is what will be done to provide for families awaiting processing or what the process will be for reuniting children in the system with their parents, particularly those who have already been deported.  

I hope we can count on you, your staff, and your board to continue to raise your voices! While it appears that the separation policy is being rescinded, there are still many issues that need our voices and our action. We urge you to call your members of Congress.   

We’ve made it easy for you to call your members using our talking points on this issue. Enter your information below to see the names and contact information for your members of Congress as well as the talking points for making the calls.  


Alliance Action on this Issue  

The Alliance has already taken action across our network and in partnership with other human services leaders. In May, the Alliance released this position statement calling on the administration and Congress to work together toward ensuring that children are kept with their families and not unfairly traumatized by the federal government’s actions and policies.  

The Alliance joined with 13 of our nation’s top nonprofit human services organizations through my chairmanship of Leadership 18 to issue a statement that ran in the Chronicle of Social Change and Talk Media News.

We are also working closely with BakerRipley on commentary for Texas media about this tragedy and the need to take immediate effective steps to reunite the children currently in the system with their families by offering safe and appropriate family housing, timely access to legal and immigration counsel, and trauma-informed care to heal the harm that’s already occurred.  

As you know, I have had the honor of serving as head of public child welfare in two states and I am personally appalled about what is happening right here on American soil. The voices of these children crying for their parents will stay with me forever. While we understand and support the need for people to immigrate into the U.S. legally, the trauma these children are experiencing will be lasting. This cruel policy is not ingrained in law and the Administration has the power to end it today.  

Our sector’s paramount responsibility to values-based advocacy and the protection of civil society requires that we all lift our voices to bring an end to this arbitrary policy that is harming children. The beauty and distinction of the Alliance network is our vast diversity, but what brings us into close federation with one another is what we are all ultimately trying to achieve: Ensuring that all people can achieve well-being and reach their full potential.  

Your national Alliance team pledges to continue to monitor what is happening on the ground and in Washington, D.C., to share with you regular updates on changes in policy, and to work in support of all of your efforts to raise your collective voices against this immoral and inhumane policy.  

Please read the Alliance position, take action today, and amplify this to your state and local professional and personal networks, encouraging them to take action and continue to lift your voice as members of the Alliance strategic action network! For those of you who have already taken action, we urge you to continue to speak up and communicate with your Congressional leaders about what still remains to be done.

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This post has been edited to reflect the signing of the executive order June 20.