The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has partnered with Coeous Global to provide a cost-effective, secure, and efficient background screening solution for community-based organizations across the U.S.

Along with expense management consulting, background checks are a new offering of the Alliance’s Operations Support Services. Coeus Global, a Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant background screening and human resource services firm, will provide customizable support using the latest in confidential, secure screening technology. 

Contracting with the Alliance to provide background checks and screenings through Coeus will alleviate the burden of individual checks by human resources staff, streamlining internal processes and increasing efficiency at nonprofit organizations. In addition, Coeus’ nationwide network of nonprofits allows the Alliance to offer price savings of up to 60 percent to organizations of any size.

“Coeus is a leader in the field of background checks and screenings, offering services at an already low cost—the lowest in America,” explained Alliance Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Innovation Lenore Schell. “We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Because of its focus on the nonprofit sector, Coeus is uniquely positioned to assist community-based organizations in their interactions with volunteers and staff. Coeus’ support of the Alliance’s Operating Support Services is one more step towards improving sector health and actualizing a network that is strong, excellent, distinct, and influential.

Learn more about the Alliance’s Operations Support Services online. For a free consultation to understand how the Alliance can assist your organization with it your human capital, finance, and administrative needs, contact Lenore Schell.