Your voice needs to be heard. Senators need to continue to hear from you today as Senate leadership continues to move forward with bringing a health care bill to a vote. Because of activation and education, the U.S. Senate failed to pass their version of a “repeal and replace” bill—the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The Senate should reset and work on a bipartisan bill that will improve the country’s health system for all.

Action for Thursday, July 27

Call and tweet your senators and ask them to reject the current process and reset the health care reform debate.

Call your Senators' Offices

Find your senators' Washington, D.C., office numbers online. If these lines are jammed, either call back, or reach out to the offices in their home states. Those numbers can be found on the senators' respective websites.

Sample Call Script

  • Hello, I am [name, title, organization] from [city], a constituent of [Senator X].
  • I am calling to express concern over the health care vote.
  • I believe it is the Senate’s responsibility to craft a bill that will result in gains, not losses, for the people in our state.
  • I urge the senator to call for a reset of the health care debate and take the time to involve communities, consumers, and health and human services professionals from our state in the critical decisions that impact millions of [State] residents.
  • [Senator X] needs to Vote No on any legislative measure that is put forth by Senate leadership. Various bills have been rejected by the health insurance industry, health and human service professionals, and the majority of Americans.
  • I want my senator to play a role in halting this chaotic and disruptive process.

Tweet Your Senators

Find your senators' Twitter usernames online, and use the sample tweet and image below. Make sure to include the period at the start of the tweet before your senator’s Twitter username so that others see your message in their feeds. If the tweet becomes too long after adding your senators’ usernames, post as two tweets, one for each senator.

Sample Tweet: .@SenX & @SenX #VoteNo on health care bill. Play a role in halting this chaotic and disruptive process & return to regular order.

Social media graphic asking Senate to involve human services providers

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