The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Speakers Bureau can speak on topics including nonprofit excellence and sector trends, specific practices and approaches improving lives and communities, and public policy issues. In addition to speaking at events and meetings, our experts are resources for journalists, columnists, and bloggers who seek to report on issues that affect the health of the nonprofit human services sector, our communities, and our country.

Alliance speakers offer knowledgeable, experienced perspectives, as well as unique voices, providing background and historical information, context, and informed views on important questions and topics facing our society. Members of our speakers bureau are experienced storytellers and presenters who are ready to engage and enlighten diverse audiences.

Sample topics include:

  • Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations Introduction
    • Dig Deeper: Leading a High-Impact Nonprofit
    • Dig Deeper: Strategic Commitments
    • Dig Deeper: Cultural and Values Commitments
  • Moving from Program Thinking to Systems Change Thinking
  • Elevating the Strategic Focus of Nonprofit Boards
  • Nonprofit Trends in Policy & Advocacy
  • Alliance Strategic Action Network Values-Based Policy Platform Update
  • Nonprofit Social Sector Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
  • Successful Systems Change for Better Child Welfare
  • Applying Neurosciences to Revitalize Communities
  • Keeping Kids in Families: Mobilizing to Strengthen Child Welfare Policy
  • Raising the Collective Voice of the Human-Serving Sector

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