The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities seeks proposals from Jacksonville-based organizations and collaborative initiatives to host study tours for social sector leaders attending the Alliance National Conference, to be held Oct. 19-21 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Study tours provide hands-on, experiential learning by leveraging the host community as a learning laboratory. The Alliance National Conference draws approximately 500 social sector leaders, primarily nonprofit human service executives, directors, and managers.

The Alliance seeks tours that showcase the innovative culture of Jacksonville's nonprofit and social sector community. Up to four study tours will be selected, each one aligned with one of our conference tracks—areas that advance the social sector’s knowledge and impact:

  • Economic Opportunity: Advancing policies, programs, models, and systems that create living wages and pathways to financial well-being that support economic mobility and reduce poverty.
  • Educational Success: Advancing a cradle-to-career continuum of equitable educational supports for young people, their families, educators, schools, and communities to encourage the social-emotional learning, mental health, cognitive development, and academic success of all students.
  • Health and Well-Being: Advancing an integrated, holistic, prevention-first health model that responds to the social determinants of health and achieves improved outcomes, particularly for populations experiencing disparities.
  • Safety and Resilience: Transforming systems to work collaboratively to prevent and mitigate adversity, including abuse and neglect, so that children, adults, and families can thrive.
  • Thriving and Vibrant Human Services Sector: Advancing practices and policies that ensure a well-resourced and sustainable sector that invests in outcomes measurement, innovation and growth, and generative partnerships.

When drafting study tour proposals, consider your organization or collaborative’s unique places and spaces, as well as opportunities for hands-on learning. The most popular and successful tours feature:

  • Context and history on the featured neighborhood or community
  • Hands-on versus lecture-style presentations
  • A passionate tour guide who is aboard the bus when it departs from the conference
  • Access to unique opportunities and places that cannot be experienced in a traditional workshop

Proposal Selection and Deadlines

All tour proposals must be submitted through the online submission form below by March 31.

All required information must be included for proposal consideration. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. Individuals will be notified by April 17, 2020 if their presentations have been selected for inclusion in the conference.

The Alliance will not permit any presenter to use his or her presentation to make a sales pitch for any specific firm, publication, or service. Presenters are not paid for their participation but will receive a $75 registration discount off the full conference registration rate. 

Study Tour Logistics

Study tours will be held Monday, Oct. 19 or Tuesday, Oct. 20. The maximum timeframe is 3 1/2 hours, but tours are not required to use the entire timeframe. The Alliance will arrange transportation for conference attendees between the hotel and the study tour sites.

Each study tour will begin and end at the conference hotel:

Sawgrass Marriott Resort
1000 PGA Tour Blvd.
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Submission Requirements

All submission requirements must be included for the proposal to be considered. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance.

  • Contact Information. Include the name, title, organization, phone number, and email address for the tour coordinator and all tour guides
  • Biography. Include a biography, no longer than 200 words, for each tour guide
  • Tour Title. Suggest a brief, descriptive study tour title, no longer than 75 characters
  • Tour Availability. Identify which days and times are available for the tour; choose between Monday or Tuesday afternoons
  • Track: Select the requested topic that best matches your proposal.
  • Learning Objectives. List three to five specific learning objectives
  • Description. In 350 words or less, describe the proposed study tour, including the featured organization or collaborative initiative, and focus on how the hands-on study tour will offer transferable lessons learned and enhance the learning experience of conference participants
  • Schedule. Outline the itinerary starting and ending at the conference hotel; describe what participants will do, see, or experience at each stop; include time at each stop on the tour and drive times between all locations
  • Addresses. Include the name, address, and description of each tour stop; no additional stops will be included on the tour once it’s been accepted
  • Capacity. Indicate the maximum number of participants permitted to attend the tour