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Webinar Description

Join Héctor Colón, president and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of WI and Upper MI (LSS), to dive deeper into the five virtues shared in his recently published memoir, My Journey From Boxing Ring to Boardroom: 5 Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership.

This interesting and sincere memoir depicts Colón’s journey from challenging childhood to international boxing success to his rise as the president and CEO of one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Midwest by living out the following virtues:

  1. Magnanimity – striving for greatness
  2. Humility – putting others first
  3. Courage – willing to face your fears
  4. Perseverance – never giving up
  5. Temperance – practicing restraint

Read an inspiring excerpt from Colón’s book that illuminates how he faced his challenges to shape his life’s direction, leading him to his current position as a highly respected community leader.

In addition to this webinar, hear Colón describe the efforts of LSS to plot a course for new and innovative growth in the  More than Health Care podcast episode, Five Months Asking Five Questions. And read more about the organizational transformation of LSS in A Journey from Financial Stress to Financial Health and Sustainability.


The framework of the talk will focus on five virtues:

  • Inspire leaders to achieve their personal greatness – Magnanimity
  • Inspire leaders to act humbly and serve others – Humility
  • Inspire leaders to act courageously even when it’s hard – Courage
  • Inspire leaders to not give up – Perseverance
  • Inspire leaders to act with restraint, awareness, and self-control – Temperance

Who Should Attend

  • C-suite executives
  • Senior leaders
  • Program directors
  • Managers


Héctor Colón, B.S., M.S., O.T. 
President and CEO 
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc.

Héctor Colón is the president and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS). Under Colón’s visionary and servant leadership, LSS has adapted new models and business strategies to increase relevancy and operational efficiency. Before the start of Colón’s tenure in 2017, the organization had not met its budget for four consecutive years. Since that time, LSS has generated multimillion-dollar surpluses with a gain of $2.4 million in 2019. He recently was named the Nonprofit Executive of the Year by BizTimes Media and the Hispanic Man of the year by UMOS.

Héctor Colón is no stranger to financial turnarounds. As executive director of the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services, Colón worked with a team to turn multimillion-dollar deficits into multimillion-dollar surpluses. There, he led several countywide initiatives, including efforts to reform the juvenile justice system, end chronic homelessness, transform mental health care, and end a 30-year waitlist for disabilities services.

Colón will say that his own personal and professional turnaround began in amateur boxing. As a member and champion of the U.S. national boxing team, he won seven national titles and competed in the 1992 Olympic trials. At the height of his boxing career, Colón stepped away from his Olympic dreams and the potential of millions of dollars to serve God. Today, he is an independent director on the board of USA Boxing with a focus on inspiring athletes to discover their own path towards personal and professional greatness.

Héctor’s first book, “From Boxing Ring to Board Room” was released in September 2020.

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