Track: Health and Well-Being

Format: Study Tour
Maximum Participants: 20

Spotlight on Colorado Workshop

Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being is the result of a strong partnership between the Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) and the Northeast Park Hill community, as well as understanding that those in the community are the ones who know best how to improve their health and well-being. 

This study tour will start with a brief presentation and overview of MHCD and specifically the Dahlia Campus. Participants will then tour the building, seeing the farms and gardens including the aquaponics greenhouse and pediatric dental clinic.  

Learning Objectives

  • Community-informed approach taken with Dahlia
  • Overview of MHCD as well as Dahlia  

Tour guide:

  • Darcie Ezell, community engagement coordinator, Mental Health Center of Denver’s Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being (@MHCD_News)