Track: Health and Well-Being

Format: Study Tour
Maximum Participants: 25

Spotlight on Colorado Workshop

This study tour will visit the Denver neighborhood Montbello. For the past two years, Latino Age Wave Colorado has been supporting community leaders and Latino older adults in improving their access to resources and social opportunities. This two-year partnership has resulted in monthly resident-driven and community-supported social activities for older adults, a community garden, several special outings to city events, improved connection to providers, and resources and Convivencia – the Latino cultural asset of living together.

Get to know our Conectora team, a group of community leaders serving as connectors between Latino older adults and service providers. Meet our older adults and hear from them about what would support them in aging with choice and dignity. Interview our office-based team on how we got started and how we use our influence and privilege to support community-driven work respectfully.  

Learning Objectives  

  • The impact of social determinants of health and barriers to care for aging Latinos through an equity lens
  • The impact of an authentic foundation-community partnership
  • How to support community capacity building for change  

Tour Guides:  

  • Daniela Young, program manager, Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, an initiative of Rose Community Foundation

Daniela Young
Program Manager
Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, an initiative of Rose Community Foundation

Daniela Young is the program manager for Latino Age Wave Colorado, an initiative of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado. In this role, she oversees the community-led work and the development and dissemination of Opening Doors Wider, a training to increase awareness and opportunity in better serving Latino older adults and their family caregivers in service settings. She currently serves on the Committee for Immigrant Health through the Center for Health Progress, Alzheimer’s Association’s Latino Advisory Committee, Montbello Urban Spectrum Edition’s Advisory Committee, and the Advisory Council on Racial Diversity at University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. Young has a master’s in Social Work from University of Denver and a bachelor’s in psychology from University of Maryland.