Track: Economic Opportunity
North Star: Commitment to Outcomes

Level of Learning: Learner

Branches’ two-generation approach brings the whole-family philosophy to its financial services to turn families’ needs into opportunities. Learn about the benefits of a holistic family approach to better serve and strengthen families in your community. The presenters will provide an overview of their 2Gen approach, which combines separate expertise, experience, curriculums, and lessons learned to create a new financial framework.

The 2Gen approach seeks to create an intergenerational cycle of opportunity for children, parents, and families with low-incomes, generating a measurable increase in their economic security, by improving their educational success, economic supports, health and well-being, and social capital.  

Learning Objectives

How to incorporate a 2Gen approach to financial capabilityHow to develop financial programs for children and youth to address the challenges of intergenerational povertyHow to create a new framework to better serve families  


  • Brent McLaughlin, executive director, Branches (@Branchesfl)
  • Karla Bachmann, director of financial services, Branches (@Branchesfl)
  • Kim Torres, director of student services, Branches (@Branchesfl)

Brent McLaughlin
Executive Director

Brent McLaughlin has served as the executive director of Branches since 2001. He came to Branches with an extensive background in nonprofit management as well as experience in grassroots community development work, particularly in Haiti. Under his tenure, the organization has grown more than 40 times to include children and youth development services and asset building services for families. Each year, more than 10,000 children and adults experience life changing opportunities at Branches.

Karla Bachmann
Director of Financial Services

Karla Bachmann is the director of financial services at Branches and leads programs that promote financial opportunity and asset building. She is a firm believer in a family centric and holistic approach of service delivery that promotes building social capital and integrates financial, education, and health services for clients to achieve true stability and financial success. She has developed service delivery models that have been recognized by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The National Council of La Raza, and The Aspen Institute ASCEND.