This spark session will feature how The Village used matrix management to create high functioning teams. In doing so, the organization maximized two things that were going well:

  • Retention of employees
  • Expansion of programs

While they are both advantageous in their own way, it brought about a unique set of opportunities/challenges. Retaining employees for a long time created individuals with great experience and historical information, and expanding programs helped the organization to hire new individuals, some of whom were fresh college graduates. These new staff brought enthusiasm and excitement to the team.

Success of this strategy was visible with the quality of deliverables, standardization of systems and processes, and high productivity. While matrix management was helpful, using counter intuitive approaches also played a significant role in pushing people’s cognitive flexibility, moving them out of their comfort zones, and reigniting their passion. Creating an environment where everybody felt secure, and able to give their best to achieve a common goal did much more for staff than just creating high quality products. Staff morale and team cohesiveness were the byproducts of this management style.

Learning Objectives

  • Effective use of matrix management in multi-generational teams
  • How a counter-intuitive approach changes to norm which changes the culture and increases productivity
  • How to bring out the best in people by giving them a complex task

Presenters: Toral Sanghavi, senior director of process management and analytics, The Village

Connect on Twitter: @TheVillage_CT

Toral Sanghavi
Senior Director of Process Management and Analytics
The Village

Toral Sanghavi has worked at The Village for 11 years and has been in the field for more than 17 years. In her current role, she oversees the process management and analytics department and manages a lot of people ranging from fresh college graduates to people on the verge of retiring. She currently has at least nine employees who have been with the agency for more than 12 years, and some of them have been with the organization more than 25 years. In managing large projects with tight deadlines and efficient resource management, Sanghavi has been able to use creative approaches to work with people of different ages and leverage the unique abilities and skillsets they possess because of their generation.