Employee engagement is important to every employer, but nowhere is the potential for impact greater than in the nonprofit sector. With labor costs typically accounting for 65-80 percent of an organization's total cost base, and the direct connection between employees and children, families, and communities, an engaged workforce is essential.

More recent trends in thought leadership around employee engagement urge employers to view engagement as an indicator versus a "lever." Instead, organizations have adopted design thinking to create a holistic employee experience that connects people to their workplace and their work. At the core of this thinking is the premise that, in an environment of ever-changing technology, increased regulation, and unfathomable amounts of information, employees are likely to be overwhelmed. Design thinking in employee experience promotes simplification and accessibility.

Participants in this workshop will be asked to actively describe and document their thinking about employee experience in their organizations. They will be provided with a framework by which to compartmentalize the elements of their organization that drive employee experience, and then connect that experience factor to how it impacts engagement. The exercise will be insightful, but will also be connective for participants as they share what they uncover with their peers.

Learning Objectives

  • Differentiate engagement from experience
  • How design thinking can be quickly and easily incorporated into organizational development
  • How structures and processes in an organization can be described and understood to facilitate improved employee experience
  • The critical nature of employee experience and how attending to it will provide improved quality of care and a competitive advantage in the search for talent

Presenter: Robert Blumenfeld, founder and principal consultant, Nonprofit Administrative Resource Center

Connect on Twitter: @NPARCdet

Robert Blumenfeld
Founder and Principal Consultant
Nonprofit Administrative Resource Center

Robert Blumenfeld is a progressive nonprofit thought leader driven by the belief that nonprofits must, at a mission and sustainability level, commit to building the most efficient and effective approach to providing administrative services and support possible. He works with teams to improve organizational communication, accountability, and creativity and to actively seek out opportunities to simplify processes and improve employee experience. His commitment to professional and organizational development is observable and infectious. Drawing on his experience working with startups, turnarounds, and established next-phase companies, he has made meaningful, enduring contributions to cultures of excellence, responsiveness, and innovation.