The 2019 Alliance Commitments Awards will recognize members of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities that exemplify the best of the sector through mastery of the Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations and the achievement of lasting change with children, families, adults, and communities.

Applications must be submitted through the online form by May 13, 2019.

Award Presentation and Prize Package

Awards will be presented during the 2019 Alliance National Conference, Oct 16-18 in Indianapolis.

Award winners will receive:

  • A professionally produced video that spotlights the organization’s impact and why it is exemplary 
  • 25 percent off the full conference and daily registrations for anyone attending from the winning organization
  • Engraved crystal award
  • National recognition through the Alliance website, Alliance E-News, and Alliance social media 
  • Outreach toolkit to assist in communications and a copy of the video

Eligibility and Review Process

To be eligible, organizations must be Alliance members in good standing and current in their dues at the time of application.

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of Alliance staff and sector leaders. Applicants will be notified of the decisions by June 24.

Application Submission and Criteria

Applications must be submitted through the online form by May 13, 2019.

Applicants should review the application questions, scoring criteria, and Commitments framework prior to submitting an application. The Commitments Award scoring rubric also is available.

About the Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations

Navigator Commitments:
  • Leading with Vision – Nonprofit organizations and the environments in which they operate are rapidly increasing in complexity and volatility; consequently, leaders must possess the ability to navigate change and lead transformation toward the vision.

  • Governing for the Future – Because nonprofits’ operating environments are changing with such rapidity and day-to-day operations can be consuming; governing boards must support their organizations in defining their preferred future states and adapting in the present to position them for prospective opportunities.

Strategic Organizational Commitments:

  • Executing on Mission – Because resources are shrinking, and scrutiny of the nonprofit sector’s impact is increasing, nonprofits must apply greater rigor around more focused target audiences, missions, and visions.

  • Partnering with Purpose – Because people and communities face complex challenges and find convoluted, redundant systems of services and organizations to be discouraging, nonprofits must engage in meaningful, coordinated partnerships and networks.

  • Investing in Capacity – Organizations cannot achieve high impact if they skimp on essential overhead functions, including information technology systems, quality physical spaces, fund development and marketing, and staff training and development.

  • Measuring that Matters – Because funders and the general public are calling for greater transparency in understanding nonprofits’ return on investment, organizations must track and communicate the difference they are making with children, adults, families, and communities.

Cultural and Values Commitments:

  • Co-Creating with Community – Because the neighborhoods and communities in which organizations work are critical ingredients in the recipe for high impact, nonprofits must appreciate and employ the strengths and solutions of their communities.

  • Innovating with Enterprise – Innovating with Enterprise is crucial to the survival and success of nonprofits because our current method of delivering and financing our work is unsustainable. Organizations of all sizes and types must turn to innovation to identify lasting and meaningful results.

  • Engaging All Voices – A growing body of evidence suggests that when people are at the center of identifying their goals and aspirations and developing the plan to achieve them, they are more committed to the process and to being successful. High-impact organizations engage all voices in every aspect of their work.

  • Advancing Equity – Equity is central to human and community development, well-being, and shared prosperity.

Direct questions to Candise Hardy-Bullock at the Alliance.