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Chief Executive Officer
Nexus: Youth & Family Solutions
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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POSITION OVERVIEW The Chief Executive Officer will provide vision, strategic direction and operational leadership for the organization. He or she will collaborate with the Board, senior leaders/Officers, Vice Presidents, and other executive management to ensure healthy department functioning, organizational impact, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Chief Executive motivates, establishes and sustains a healthy culture, mentors and develops organizational leaders, and aligns the organization toward growth, innovation, and the fulfillment of the Nexus mission. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Provides leadership and management to ensure that the mission, core values, effective leadership culture, and service models of the organization are put into practice. a) Models healthy and positive behavior consistent with the organizational values. b) Promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values and guiding principles, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity, innovation, adherence to internal and external customer service principles, and effective interpersonal abilities. c) Stays abreast of how Nexus sites and affiliates experience the organizational culture, and implements action plans, as needed, to repair and enhance how the culture is experienced by staff or external stakeholders. d) Creates and maintains an organizational culture that values trust, transparency, respect, and professional growth among employees and leadership. 2. Collaborates with the Board of Nexus, and serves as Chair, or related position per by-laws, on affiliate Boards in order to align the vision and strategic efforts across the organization, and ensure a strong, trusting partnership with internal stakeholders. a) Helps the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities and that of its committees. b) Works with the Nexus Board Chair to focus the Boards attention on long-range strategic issues; works with affiliate boards to establish strategic planning in sync with the Nexus Board strategy. c) Keeps the Board fully informed of strategic efforts, organizational risks, expansion opportunities, human service and not-for-profit business and service trends, funding shifts, philanthropy development, and progress or issue with sites and affiliates. d) With the CFO, keeps the Board abreast of the organization’s financial position, including providing updates related to material changes. e) Invests time to recruit, interview, and recommend volunteers to participate on the Board(s) and its committees. f) Evaluates organization’s adherence to board by-laws for Nexus board and affiliates and makes recommendations for changes as appropriate. g) Attends all Board meetings and committee meetings of the Nexus board and required affiliate boards; coordinates the changes to committee chairs as needed. h) Ensures the successful onboarding of board members by providing mentoring, establishing relationships, and having quality and current board orientation training. 3. Responsible for driving the company to achieve and surpass business and service goal and objectives. a) Collaborates with Senior Leaders and Executive Management Team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes and personnel to accommodate the service and growth objectives of the organization. b) Directs, plans and implements policies, objectives and activities of the organization to ensure continuing operations, to maximize returns on investments and to increase impact and successful outcomes. c) Spearheads the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes; identifies acquisition/merger or partnership opportunities and directs implementation activities. d) Approves the selection of sites, added services, construction of buildings, and provision of equipment and supplies to meet company objectives. e) Stays abreast of and reports service and funding trends that are likely to have an impact on the organizations services and implement strategic plans to shift service and business models to meet future needs. f) Establishes and reinforces business and treatment service models that demonstrates the organization as a premier provider and first choice for partners, customers, and employees according to the services that we provide. 4. Direct and coordinate the organization’s financial and budget activities in order to fund operations, maximize investments, maintain positive outcomes, and increase efficiency. a) Directs the preparation of budgets for approval by the Board, including those for funding and implementation of programs, and manages expenditures and costs to meet budgeted expectations. b) Working with the CFO, optimizes the organizations banking relationships and initiates appropriate strategies to enhance cash position. c) Develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the long-term financial viability of the organization. d) Demonstrates sound knowledge of the organization’s funding streams, payer processes, cost reporting, and government funding and reports to the board and other stakeholders; manages the organization’s business models to meet fiscal restraints and opportunities. 5. Motivate and lead a high-performance management team; attract, recruit and retain required members of the Senior Leadership and Executive Management team; provide mentoring to ensure the development of future executive leadership of the organization. a) Fosters a success-oriented, trustworthy, and accountable environment within the organization. b) Maintains organizational commitment to training and developing leaders to be effective and support the implementation of organizational succession planning. c) Continually assesses and evaluates human resource needs to meet organizational growth and changes in service delivery and implement structural changes to meet organizational capacity needs. d) Provides direct supervision and evaluates work performance annually and as needed. 6. Represent, promote and protect the reputation of the organization and its mission. a) Exhibits behavior in public and private that reflects the values and mission of the organization. b) Represents the organization and its value through various venues, including but not limited to public speaking, participation in community organizations and events, visiting Nexus sites and affiliates, and meeting with national and local stakeholders. c) Develops professional connections and network with other providers and leaders that will position the organization as a partner and service leader at a local, regional, and national level. 7. Direct the negotiation and approval of contracts and agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal and state agencies, and other service and customer entities. a) Ensures the establishment of controls to effectively honor and manage contracts. b) Oversees, as needed, the establishment of new service contracts and/or renegotiating service contracts to meet outcome expectations and fiscal solvency. 8. Ensure all appropriate licensures and accreditations are achieved and maintained throughout the organization and that the quality of service provided to clients leads the industry. a) Creates and maintains a culture of continuous quality improvement and the demonstration of successful outcomes. 9. Direct the development of promotional and fundraising activities for the organization. a) Provides oversight to staff involved in fund development and the implementation of fundraising plans that support the long-term mission of the organization. b) Designs and ensures that appropriate systems and processes are in place for the organization to respond to grant applications and progress reports for funders. c) Builds a philanthropic culture by making personal contacts in the community, responding to donors, attending special events, and widening Nexus outreach. d) Models a philanthropic spirit by giving back to the organization through time and other resources or by recruiting volunteers who will commit to giving time and other resources to the betterment of the organization. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors of Nexus. Positions reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer are the Chief Operating Officer (open), Chief Clinical Officer, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President of Human Resources. Each Nexus site is led by an Executive Director and staffed with a skilled Clinical Director. Currently, the site Executive Directors report directly to the CEO. QUALIFICATIONS Essential Qualifications • Master’s Degree or equivalent in the human service, administration, clinical or business management field is required. • Minimum of 20+ years of experience in progressively responsible positions within the human service arena is required, with a preference for background in residential settings or in services that treat high-risk youth and their families. • Minimum of fifteen years of experience in a senior management position, ideally as an executive leader in a large ($50 million plus), complex, multi-site organization. • Experience working with advisory committees and a board of directors. • Working knowledge and experience in non-profit human service market business models and funding sources. • Prior experience with fund raising, public speaking, and external relations. • Experience or understanding of lobbying/government relations. Preferred Qualifications - Solid base of practice in business, management, and human service principles, ie strategic planning, resource allocation, and human resources modeling. - Knowledgeable of economic and accounting principles and practices, banking and the analysis and reporting of financial data. Leadership Characteristics • Inspires and motivates others; presents a clear vision for the organization; champions a collaborative style of incorporating staff in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement. • Demonstrates willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment, and makes timely decisions; handles emergency or crisis situations by taking appropriate actions consistent with Nexus policy and procedures. • Exhibits clear, professional, respectful and effective communication when interfacing with board members, clients, youth, staff, families and external stakeholders shares knowledge, information and resources appropriately. • Exhibits a high degree of ethical conduct, integrity, confidentiality, and professional behavior. • Delegates work assignments, gives authority to work independently, sets expectations and monitors delegated activities. • Interacts with and appreciates people from diverse backgrounds and promotes/supports the principles of diversity throughout the organization. • Supports the mission of Nexus (“Strengthening Lives, Families, and Communities Through Our Cornerstone Values”) by exemplifying the Cornerstone Values and the Nexus Guiding Principles in all interactions with internal and external customers, and in all work performed on behalf of the organization.
How to Apply
For additional information and to apply for the position please contact: Marcia Ballinger, PhD Co-Founder/Principal or Lars Leafblad, MBA Co-Founder/Principal