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While it appears that the separation policy is being rescinded, there are still many issues that need our voices and our action. We urge you to call your members of Congress.
New York Life Insurance Company and the Alliance have launched a new grant program to support children, adults, families, and communities experiencing trauma resulting from natural disaster or community-wide tragedy.
The administration has to fully understand that criminally prosecuting and separating families that are traveling hundreds of miles in hopes of a better life is not only morally wrong but will result in the necessary expenditure of federal ...
The Alliance has launched a survey to gather information about members’ use of technology, partnerships with vendors, and potential needs to inform product and solution development strategies.
The Alliance and American Public Human Services Association have released of a groundbreaking report on human services community-based organizations, their economic and social impact, and the need to strengthen and preserve their critical role.



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  • Health and Well-Being

    An integrated, holistic, prevention-first health model that responds to the social determinants of health and achieves improved outcomes, particularly for populations experiencing disparities.

  • Educational Success

    A continuum of educational supports from cradle-to-career prepares children and youth to succeed in the 21st century!

  • Economic Opportunity

    Living wages and pathways to financial well-being support increased stability and reduce poverty.

  • Safety and Security

    Systems that work together to ensure that children, adults, and families thrive and are safe from abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation.