The individuals listed below are the reviewers upon which Families in Society has reviewed during October 2015 through September 2016. They have supplied an invaluable service that provides critical feedback to authors and improves the body of available literature.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please complete the reviewer interest form.

Frank Ainsworth
Julie Cooper Altman
Jeffrey A. Anderson
G. Brent Angell
Nina L. Aronoff
Arturo Baiocchi
Anamika Barman-Adhikari
J. David Bassett
Christiana Best
Joel Blau
Lisa V. Blitz
Robert Blundo
Needha Boutte-Queen
Elizabeth A. Bowen
Cassandra L. Bransford
Ramona Denby Brinson
David S. Byers
James P. Canfield
James J. Canning
Richard K. Caputo
Willa Jeanne Casstevens
Reshawna Chapple
Pajarita Charles
Ram A. Cnaan
Carole B. Cox
Laura Curran
Virginia V. David
Nancy DeCesare
Linda Plitt Donaldson
Amy Dworsky
Katherine Ferrari
Sondra J. Fogel
Charles Garvin
Janice Gasker
Nicole Gaskin-Laniyan
Stephanie George
Harriet Goodman
Jill Grant
Clay Graybeal
Sulina Green
Roberta R. Greene
Andrew Grogan-Kaylor
Mary Lou Gutierrez
Jon Christopher Hall
Dana K. Harmon
Darbi Jean Haynes-Lawrence
Benjamin Henwood
David R. Hodge
Hui Huang
Sigrid James
Loring Paul Jones
Jamilah R. Jor’dan
Catheleen Jordan
Charles D. Kaplan 
David Kealy
Patricia L. Kelley
Jeounghee Kim
Peter A. Kindle
Karen M. Kolivoski
Frances Bernard Kominkiewicz
David C. Kondrat
Jaegoo Lee
Ana M. Leon
Gwat-Yong Lie
Sam Little
Andrew Malekoff
Carl Mazza
Suzanne McDevitt
Kelly Melekis
Amy N. Mendenhall
Josephine Méndez-Negrete
Nancy Meyer-Adams
David P. Moxley
Ann Marie Mumm
Larry W. Owens
Yok-Fong Paat
Megan Paceley
Deborah Padgett
Christopher G. Petr
Lois H. Pierce
David E. Pollio
Judy L. Postmus
Loretta Pyles
Anna Randall
Joann Rees
Carrie W. Rishel
Lisen C. Roberts
Jini L. Roby
David W. Rothwell
Philip A. Rozario
Joan R. Rycraft
Uma A. Segal
Joseph J. Shields
Chris Simmons
Stephen W. Stoeffler
Calvin L. Streeter
Ruth Anne Van Loon
Michiel A. van Zyl
Robert Vernon
Satomi Wakita
Jack C. Wall
N. Eugene Walls
Robert E. Weiler
Sheara A. Williams Jennings
Svetlana Yampolskaya
Diane S. Young
Jennifer Zelnick
Carole B. Zugazaga 


Contact Families in Society staff with questions or for more information.

Review Opportunities

Families in Society has opportunities for individuals in practice and academia to join its corps of reviewers. The expertise of those who peer review submitted manuscripts ensures the integrity of the manuscript evaluation process and supports necessary rigor in vetting and disposition of submitted manuscripts.

Interested professionals should complete the online form


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