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What is the Impact When Innovation and Creativity are an Organization’s Core Values?

Auberle, a nonprofit human serving organization in the Pittsburgh area, recently received the Innovation Award from the Pittsburgh Business Times. Auberle CEO John Lydon says the award speaks to the talent and creativity of its staff and partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. In this episode, Lydon explains how he meets with new employees and tells them that they are hired to make mistakes. They have learned that trying new approaches and being creative—and sometimes failing—is what ultimately leads to disruptive change and innovation. Hear Lydon’s examples of how the organization is helping to change the world for the people they serve.

After recording this interview, Auberle was given with the Aramark Building Community Organizational Leadership Award in recognition of its excellence in elevating health and well-being across the region. The focus of the award is to identify an organization that is a true change agent, one that elevates its staff and communities in leadership, manifesting itself in a more equitable approach, sustained community change, and measurable improvement in population health and well-being.

Learn more about Auberle and its innovation culture by watching its award video.

About the featured guest: John Lydon has been CEO of Auberle since January 2004. Auberle is a Catholic organization that builds strong communities across Southwestern Pennsylvania by focusing on building the voices and strengths of the people we serve. Last year, we served almost 4,000 people through 20 different program areas.

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