by Susan Dreyfus, president and CEO, Alliance

"This isn't our first rodeo, but it's our worst rodeo," was the response from one of our Alliance for Strong Families and Communities network leaders when I spoke with her and other executives based in Texas and Louisiana.

As we've all seen in the incredible news coverage, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been devastating to so many children, adults, and families, and without any doubt, its impact will be felt long after the news crews quit covering these stories.  

This is when our national strategic action network can really demonstrate its power—by helping our colleagues during this critical time of need. 

To support your fellow Alliance members located in FEMA-designated major disaster areas in Texas and Florida during this time of tremendous loss and heartache, we have established a new fund to raise money specifically for staff of Alliance member organizations who have been personally affected. 

Contribute online to support your Alliance colleagues. Be sure to type HURRICANE in the Designation field. 

Note: When you access the donor site, you may need to enable cookies by updating the Security and/or Privacy settings for your browser. Access detailed instructions for different browsers.

Dollars raised will be distributed on a prorated basis to the chief executives of these organizations for them to use at their discretion to support their respective teams. In addition, the Alliance is partnering with the International Federation of Settlements, of which the Alliance network is a member and I serve as a board member, for this fundraising effort. 

Thank you for your consideration, and I ask that you please share this donation opportunity with your teams and others in your communities.

Originally published Sept. 8. This post has been edited due to Hurricane Irma.