Susan Dreyfus, President and CEO

Our team here at the Alliance smiles when I say I want a digital screen above my desk that shows in real time all the ways our members are networked and working with each other, whether one on one or in groups. I want this because the greatest value of the Alliance is when our members are interconnected to help one another, innovate together, discover new knowledge, and advocate with one another.

While I do not have (yet) a digital map such as this – you, I, and all our peers in the Alliance network have access to a game changer in our efforts to accelerate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mobilization for advocacy. MyAlliance, our online collaboration portal, is a benefit unique to the Alliance network. It allows Alliance members to quickly and easily connect, exchange information, and collaborate with one another online. It is like LinkedIn or Facebook, but is so much more.

In addition to serving as a place to connect with professional colleagues and obtain the latest vetted research and knowledge, members can post questions and provide answers about operational challenges and opportunities of interest to the sector. MyAlliance is an ever-expanding asset for our network to efficiently help and co-create solutions with one another, and it is available to all member organization staff as part of your Alliance membership.

For example, myAlliance boasts access to over 22,000 resources through the Alliance Library. Special collections built by the Alliance’s librarians allows members to search for resources in specific content areas and topics. MyAlliance also gives access to the Families in Society scholarly journal and EBSCOhost databases, which includes Chronicle of Philanthropy, Harvard Business Review, Health Affairs, Nonprofit Quarterly, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and many more.

MyAlliance will help us realize our greatest ambitions as a strategic action network, which we will do, in part, by calling upon our historic values of reciprocity towards one another. The Alliance network’s vision for a healthy and equitable society is well under way. We have Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) groups on many of the most timely and relevant topics such as the health and human services intersection, advancing equity, and educational success. I work hard to be active on the CEO APEX group, and no matter what question our members post, they always get rapid responses from other CEOs in the network!

There is boundless talent and expertise in our members. When the Alliance mobilizes members and partners to identify sector-wide trends and potential challenges, we have the capability to achieve large-scale change.

Get started by downloading the myAlliance self-guided tour and learn about the ways this platform can help achieve strategic change in your organization. Log into myAlliance, and learn how to join and participate in any of our APEX groups to realize the reciprocity and full potential for strategic action of our network.

CEOs and executive directors can join me in the newly formed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) APEX group to gain access to high level, strategic discussions and help lead our member network to greater heights.