Track: Thriving and Vibrant Nonprofit Sector
National Imperative North Star: New Financial Strategies

Level of Learning: Learner

This workshop, led by Nima Krodel at Nonprofit Finance Fund, targets participants with a basic working knowledge of the fundamentals of nonprofit finance, offering a high-level refresher and new analytical insights to guide strong financial management to better manage a myriad of financial risks. With a nuanced understanding of nonprofit financial health, leaders can identify potential red flags and areas of strength for their organizations and engage in proactive scenario planning to help ensure their own financial sustainability through an uncertain time, thus securing critical services for their constituents.  

Learning Objectives

  • What questions to ask and assessment tools to use to shape conversations about financial risks and opportunities with internal stakeholders
  • Understand how to plan for short-term actions that don’t endanger long-term stability
  • Review key financial concepts and indicators and engage in a case-based assessment of nonprofit financial health  


  • Nima Krodel, vice president, advisory, Nonprofit Finance Fund (@nimakrodel)

Nima Krodel
Vice President
Nonprofit Finance Fund

At the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), Nima Krodel implements national initiatives with nonprofits and funders, advising on business model adaptation, capitalization, strategic financial planning, and outcomes-based efforts. Previously, she managed NFF’s New England and Western Region Financial Services business development and loan underwriting.

Prior to joining NFF, Nima worked for Goldman Sachs in the Municipal Finance and Infrastructure Group, where she covered nonprofit health care and government clients. Nima received a master’s in business administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a bachelor’s in economics from Northwestern University. She has served on numerous boards and committees and is currently a member of Audubon Elementary's Local School Council.