Though critical to achieving impact, attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that challenges old practices and pursues innovative collaboration methods has simply been an elusive and challenging proposition for nonprofit organizations.

What’s even more, many organizations have not been able to keep pace in understanding the importance and significance in being innovative and creative related to recruitment, retention, and the acceleration of promoting a talent pool in achieving an equitable and diverse workforce.

This spark session will feature an expert panel led by American Express and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities that will discuss these challenges as well as offer reflections, insights, pathways, and tools for leaders to consider, measure against existing platforms, and deploy to conquer the challenge of engaging a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce.

Learning Objectives

  • Tools for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion related to the recruitment, engagement, and retention of diverse talent in leadership roles
  • The importance of building cross sector partnerships in building inclusive organizations
  • Understanding of personal apprehensions, biases, and barriers that may prevent the development of building and cultivating a diverse talent pool
  • Resource guide and map in cultivating organizational environments necessary to support diversity, equity, and inclusion

Presenters: Richard Brown, vice president of philanthropy, American Express; and Undraye Howard, vice president of the Center of Leadership, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

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Undraye P. Howard
Vice President of the Center on Leadership
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Undraye P. Howard is a strategic team member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, serving as the vice president for the Center on Leadership. In his current role, he leads and assists in the coordination of Alliance offerings related to leadership development for the Alliance network. This includes development, creation, implementation, and coordination with network members and other key departments within the Alliance in providing strategy, solutions, and support for the development of leaders in the social sector.

Howard was instrumental in developing the Alliance’s exclusive leadership model, rEvolutionary Leadership, premised on the development of change leaders driving for system and population level results. Howard has been with the Alliance over 10 years, serving in various capacities including director of consultation and leadership services and vice president of intellectual capital.